Friday, September 21, 2007

I can't let it go, but can the Owls?

"No, Jack, I said he was out of bounds by that much, not in ... no catch, capiche? ... comprende? ...understand?"

By Mike Gibson
It's been like a week-long hangover for this Owls' fan.
I know, some of my fellow Owl fans are saying things like, "Let it go, man. There's no point in rehashing the past."
Well, I can't let it go.
The injustice was so big, the history between Temple and the Big East so fowl, that the stench of The Call has remained with me for a week.
Jack Cramer, a Big East official was refusing the do the right thing, a thing that would have allowed Temple to beat UConn, 23-22. I'm not the only one who feels that way. Seventy percent of respondents to a recently closed poll on this website feel the injustice in Connecticut was "worse than the O.J. verdict."
The O.J. verdict was on TV night and day and this travesty rated just a passing mention on ESPN and hardly any mention on the local sports segments of newscasts.
Jack The Ripper.
I know I haven't felt this violated after a sporting event since the 1972 Olympics when the USSR officials stole the Gold Medal from Mike Bantom and Doug Collins and a bunch of game USA college kids.
This should have been the No. 1 story in sports last weekend, but because it didn't involve two powerhouse college teams, it was largely ignored.
I can't let it go, but I sure hope Temple's football team can before tomorrow's kickoff.
If the Owls can, they have a chance to win.
If they can't, they won't.
It's that simple and that difficult.

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