Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In this case, the headlines tell the story

By Mike Gibson
In this case, the case of Temple winning a game on the field that was given to the University of Connecticut by an old man with failing eyesight in the replay booth, the headlines told the story.
Headlines to real stories written about UConn's 22-17 win over Temple on Saturday.
Or should we say headlines written about TEMPLE's 23-22 (or 24-22 or 25-22) win over UConn on Saturday.
Because that's just what it was.

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ian said...

My headline on my blog was Huskies Survive Owl Attack.

I was at the game and thought he was in. Then I saw a replay on a local tv station here and said he bobbled it.

After seeing it a few more times yesterday, he was definitely in.

A local reporter here had said the best angle on the replay was blocked by a security guard.