Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Having a cow over Hurricane Hanna

Photo by Hippoears
I'm having a cow about this Hurricane Hanna.
I just looked at the latest projected path of the Hurricane and it places the strength of the thing right over Lincoln Financial Field, right at the noon kickoff for Saturday's much-ballyhooed game against visiting UConn.
That stinks.
It really does.
The Eagles, who don't deserve a crowd, will get 70,000 the next day under sunny weather and 86 degree temperatures.
Temple, which needed everything to go right to get a crowd of 30K, won't get half of that because of a Monsoon with a capital M and winds projected to be 20-30 mph.
That's a shame and a crime.
And it's sad.
It feeds into the stereotype of "nobody goes, nobody cares" which may have been true under the last coaching regime, but does not apply now.
Unless there's a Hurricane.
The talk on WIP won't be of a great college football atmosphere or a great college football game, but of how Temple and UConn ruined the Eagles' precious field.
That's beyond sad.
Sure, the diehards like myself will be there, wearing a Temple game jersey over a parka if necessary but the casual fan, what Thomas Paine once called "summer patriots and sunshine soldiers" won't.
No amount of my pleading to get them there will matter.

    So the checklist before going out the door on Saturday:
  • Parka
  • Tickets
  • Beer
  • Roster
  • Radio
  • Binoculars
  • Goulashes
  • Rubbers
  • Umbrella (for the tailgate)
  • Let's Go Temple sign (in cellophane)

Let's just get a win.


Ms. GD said...

actually the guys on the team are really excited about the impending rain. Guess they think it will set a battle-type mood. Anyway, I will be there of course, but a note to everyone... don't even try to take your umbrella into the stadium... they made me throw mine away last year. GO OWLS!

Temple Football Forever said...

I'm glad somebody's excited. My Rutgers' friends tell me UConn fans don't travel well but I know we have a hardcore group of about 15-20K who will follow the Owls to the "gates of hell" as McCain says about Bin Laden. In that case, Pakistan must be hell. But I digress. Anyway, it's good to know the 100 most important guys in the stadium are excited and that's really all that matters.

Ms. GD said...

Actually, I'm not sure if you'll remember, but we've already met while being two of only three people at Fox and Hound last year watching the TU-Army game.

I'm Alex Derenthal's girlfriend, Gabi. Hello again :)

Temple Football Forever said...

Hi Gabi,
Of course I remember.
There were some good, funny one-liners dropped by the guy in the dark hair.
How could I forget? That's the day I was mocked by Penn State fans every time I went to the restroom.
"How's Temple doing now?"

"What's the Temple score?"
etc., etc.
I hope to return the favor up in State College.
Meanwhile, we've GOT to beat UConn.
Got to.
If it rains, Alex is just going to have to grab a fistful of mud and slug it in the nose guard's face if that's what it takes to win.
Meanwhile, he might consider wearing one of those helmet shields himself.

Temple Football Forever said...
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B said...

What do you need rubbers for?

Temple Football Forever said...