Sunday, April 17, 2011

Plenty to like about Daz's first C&W Day

Steve Addazio said he was sitting out Adrian Robinson and Bernard Pierce because they "had great springs" and quarterback Chris Coyer "was fine" in this video that features iconic SID Al Shrier walking around in the background wearing the worst possible logo on his hat.

You can tell a lot about initial impressions.
I thought about that while walking into the Edberg-Olson Football Complex, oh, about 9:59 a.m. on Saturday morning.
The sound blasting in the background was Ce Lo Green's hit "Forget You" which featured the cleaned-up version of the original viral hit lyrics.
I thought how nice to dedicate a song to Villanova, the next Owl opponent.
Or, someone said walking next to me, Al Golden.
"Ouch," I said.
I understood where he was coming from, though.
My school of thought on Al Golden is, simply, this:
There was no man alive who Bill Bradshaw could have hired at the time who could have pulled Temple's football program out of the quick sand better than Al Golden.
He was the right man for THAT time.
If yesterday showed me anything, Steve Addazio might be the right man for THIS time.
One of the players' dads might have said it best.
"These guys are big-time SEC coaches," he said. "Can you imagine these MAC coaches having stuff thrown at them like these guys are going to throw at them? Their heads will be spinning."
I say might because we won't know until the real numbers start pouring in from the West Coast precincts, but here are some real numbers I'm looking for this season:
1) A 35-14 (or better) win over Villanova on Sept. 1 (55-3 would be preferable);
2) A 10-2 (or better) record.
If the first number comes in, go to Vegas and place a sheckle or two on the second number coming to fruition.
"These guys are big-time SEC coaches. Can you imagine these MAC coaches having stuff thrown at them like these guys are going to throw at them? Their heads will be spinning."
_ Temple player's dad

The first number is important because, for all of Al's admirable qualities, he couldn't put away a seven-win FCS team and he lost to a national champion FCS team with a nine-win FBS team. That should not happen.
The second number is important because Golden set the bar high with that nine-win season two years ago and also because Al left Temple a wonderful parting gift:
Plenty of good ones.
Plenty of returning starters.
Plenty of really good talent he stashed away with a red shirt last year.
Myron Myles was one of them.
He gained 187 yards and caught a 22-yard touchdown pass from Connor Reilly.
Even Michael Doty, the less famous sibling of UConn superstar women's basketball player Caroline Doty, caught a long touchdown pass.
They didn't release depth charts but my guess is that Mike wasn't on the first or second team.
Just a hunch.
There was sooooo much talent on that field yesterday it's hard to know where to start.
James Nixon is going to be the greatest kickoff returner in America next year. You read that here first.
ERod and AJax will be the best tight end combo in the MAC. It's not even close. Let's stretch the field with the spread and watch the seams open up on the inside with dump offs to Eric Rodriguez and Alex Jackson.
I hope they put Nixon back on offense where he can stretch the field out of the spread with Rod Streater and Joe Jones and company.
The difference between Al and Daz as I saw it on the field yesterday was that Daz seems to be able to put these guys in better spots to utilize their talents. I just hope he finds someone else to punt by Sept. 1 because I don't want to expose my NFL leg to a season-ending injury on a roughing-the-punter play. I want to use him for kickoffs and extra points only. Maybe a couple of field goals.
My friend, Ray, knows more nuts and bolts football than most guys I know.
"It's hard to tell from a scrimmage," Ray said. "But I know what I know and this is the most excited I've been coming out of a Cherry and White game in years."
It's nice to think that on your own, but it's doubly nice when you can get that kind of validation from several good football sources.
Speaking of whom, Eagles' coach Andy Reid was there. I thought I saw him over by the food trucks saying this was the greatest campus in America.
Reid sent his son to play for Daz, so that tells you all you need to know about how Andy Reid feels about Daz and being Temple TUFF.
Speaking of Temple TUFF, loved the T-shirts. I walked up to the table, wanted to buy one and the beautiful young lady there said, "Sorry, sir, this is for students only."
I thought this was Alumni Weekend.
On the way out, I saw the classic Temple football helmet being sold. The one with TEMPLE on it.
I thought that might be the last time I ever saw one, so I bought it.
In the parking lot afterward, I ran into some ex-Temple football players holding their tailgate. I told them about the T on the helmet.
Nobody liked it.
Hey, Daz has stepped up to the plate and gotten a hit most times since Dec. 23. He can afford a few swings and misses.
"If we beat Penn State, I don't care what he puts on it," I said.
"Hey," one of the players said, "if we beat Penn State, he can put his picture on the side of the helmet if he wants to ..."


dgav84 said...

Good to hear we looked impressive, my main concern is this, i love the spread in college football esp since temple has a rock solid defense my question is how did the qbs look? is there any news about a front runner for the starting job? is Juice Granger even at temple yet? Is the new temple offense similar to the Florida scheme bc I really hope so!!!The spread is built around good depth at WR position and the qb we have the wrs but as u have mentioned many times before, since Adam DiMichelle we haven't had even an average QB and i hope Addazio is developing one of the qbs on the depth chart because im not a huge fan of Chester! I really think BP and Matt Brown will both have great seasons BP with a year similar to his freshman year and maybe the coaches can utilize brown as a scat back/wr on 3rd downs that is the ideal scenario for the offense....what are your thoughts?

Temple Football Forever said...

I asked Daz and Juice Granger isn't here yet, but he expects him to be there by the summer practices in August.
I don't think there's ever been a QB who arrived in August and won the Temple starting job.
At least I don't remember one.
On Saturday, Mike Gerardi and Chester were about as close to dead even as you can get.
Last year, though, Chester was a notch above and Gerardi ended up being about five notches above in actual games.
That's all I care about, actual games.
As far as the offense, there were a LOT (and I mean LOT) of plays that reminded me of the Tim Tebow Florida days, especially the play where Gerardi ran to his left, stopped and threw back across the field to his right.
That's a hard play to stop.

Northern VA Football Owl said...


Based on what you saw, did/can Chester Stewart re-invent himself as a spread QB? Gerardi is severly challenged to carry the football beyond the line of scrimmage, and does not appear to be mobile enough to avoid the hard rush....., are we really serious about returning to the "T" on our helmets? Like it or not, Oregon is on the leading edge of the current trend in uniforms. Just wait and see the effect of TCU uniforms on the Big East. And we moving to yesterday?

Temple Football Forever said...

1) No.
2) Gerardi's Achilles Heel is his mobility. He seems a lot more mobile, though, when BP is in the game (read: the defense keys on BP).
3) We're serious about the helmet change. Bad move on about 103 levels.
Good questions.

Northern VA Football Owl said...

Having U Mass in the MAC bodes well for us. It will provide us and the conference exposure in a major market. Great move by the MAC if U Mass can figure out where to play their home games. However, I suspect we may be back in the Big East before U Mass appears on our schedule.

Temple Football Forever said...

from your lips to God's ears. If we never play UMass in the MaC, it's a good move for us.

Tom Cannon said...

Great post Mike. Really looking forward to seeing the Owls play this season. And I 100% agree about the helmets. I was watching the Temple-Penn State game at sports bar in Birmingham (packed with Tide fans watching the AL-Arkansas game) and heard comments about the badass "checked pants" and Temple helmet. But, they Penn State and they can stick that goofy cartoon owl on there for all I care.

Temple Football Forever said...

Glad you posted.
Somebody tweeted me about our LFF lease. I thought it was you, but I'm not sure. I went on twitter to try to find the tweet and couldn't so I just posted a general LFF tweet saying basically I hope we stay at LFF forever if it keeps Nova from moving up.
TEMPLE (on the helmets) makes us stand apart from the other teams out there. I like that distinction. Saturday seeing that stupid T was a very sad day for me.
Maybe when Al Golden gets fired at Miami and Daz goes to PSU, Al will come back and put TEMPLE back on the helmet. :)