Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Hosed in Ohio

"Listen, if it looks like Temple is going to take this next kickoff to the house, throw the flag."

Every time I mention that Temple should get out of the Mid-American Conference, I'll always have one or two Temple fans (out of about 30) say something like: "Let's win the MAC first."
I try to explain that should be immaterial to things like school size, TV ratings, size of the market, etc.
I should have added officiating.
The impossible dream
The ONLY scenario Temple can win the MAC:
Temple wins over Mia and Kent
Ohio loses @ CMU, @ BGSU and Mia
BGSU loses to NIU and Buffalo but beats Ohio
Mia beats Ohio
Temple wins MAC title game in Detroit
source: emh55
If Temple has any chance to win a big MAC game, you can bet on officiating playing a factor against it.
Bet is the key word since the line opened and 5 1/2 points and quickly went down to three by game time.
You think maybe some of the Vegas people might have seen that Temple was penalized 12 times to Bowling Green's two last week and that might have set off some MAC officiating alarms behind the betting window?
Just sayin'.
For Exhibit A, I give you tonight's 35-31 loss in Athens to Ohio.
Both ESPN announcers said that one of the Ohio touchdowns should have been taken off the scoreboard due to the new launching yourself into the end zone rule, commonly known as the "excessive celebration" penalty.
"These points are coming off the board," play-by-play guy Mark Neely said after watching the replay. "That's the new rule."
"Yeah, Mark," color guy Ray Bentley said.
When an ESPN sports center anchor not named Kevin Neghandi implies Temple is hosed, Temple is hosed.
The official saw the celebration (how could he not, it was right in front of him) threw the flag, but then put it in his back pocket, then announced they would enforce a sideline penalty instead. You cannot launch yourself into the end zone while ahead of the field of play. It's a rule in the books that has been enforced all year but not against any MAC team playing Temple.
I don't expect it ever will.
Have Matty Brown do it next week on national TV against Miami and I'm sure the flag would be thrown, points taken off the board and the call would stand without hesitation. I would bet $100,000 that would be the case.
Once a "supposed" catch that preceded a touchdown, the replays clearly ... clearly ...  showed the ball was never in possession of the receiver yet the replay official refused to overturn it.
Shades of UConn.
Not only did the ESPN announcers say the ball appeared to come out, but Mike Tirico said so on Sportscenter.
When a sports center anchor not named Kevin Neghandi implies Temple is hosed, Temple is hosed.
I read lips pretty good and Steve Addazio told the official: "He never had control AND he was out of bounds."
Addazio was right.
Ryan Alderman catches a ball right at the sticks and the officials move it a yard farther back.
Adrian Robinson gets horsecollared to the ground on Ohio's last long pass play and the officials keep the flag in their pocket.
Etc., etc., etc.
Something smells rotten in Hicksville, Ohio.
I feel sorry for the Temple fans who made the trip and for players like Chris Coyer, who had a breakout game in his first real action as an Owl. He was put in an unfair position of having to win a game his team already won twice before.
Look, the MAC is a fine conference and it is hard enough to win these games on merit.
It's impossible to do so when the field is tilted so heavily in the direction of the old-line MAC teams against the newcomer.
I don't care if it's the Big East or Conference USA, the time to get out of this hick conference is now.


ihatenoamchomsky2 said...

Not to mention a clear facemask on the play BP got his bell rung on.




But you know what, if we want to be in a BCS confrence, we need to beat Ohio, even if the refs spot them (by my measure-which i wont get into the specifics tongith) 14 points.

We did alot of it to ourselves with bad gap control and bad coverage.

ihatenoamchomsky2 said...

to amend last comment. Its not so much about beting a 5-3 ohio team, its more about not losing 3 MAC games

Temple Football Forever said...

Or the bad spot on Ryan Alderman's first-down catch and about 100 other little subtle things I might have missed.
Heck, with these officials, Ohio State would have had a tough time beating Ohio tonight.
Ball State 23, Ohio 20
(Temple 42, Ball State 0)
Buffalo 38, Ohio 37
(Temple 34, Buffalo 0)
What are the chances Ball State and Buffalo got more fairly officiated games vs. Ohio than Temple did?
I'd say pretty damn good.

Michael said...

Here is a perfect picture

ihatenoamchomsky2 said...

I dont know why, but this loss hurts the most of any TU has suffered since i became a TU fan when i started school there in 05. (Navy loss is up there, same with ohio and miami (oh) last year, and the first nova game, and the ucla game... Atleast when you lose to PSU, u can take solace that their a good BCS confrence team, thought last year hurt even more than this year because it was at PSU).
I think its because of the confrence realignment stuff adding weight to this season and this game, and the rivalry, and the refs, and because it seems everything for this season came crashing down with this loss.
Before this game, I thought we were a a top 30-40 team. I could swallow the PSU comeback, and the toledo loss being against a good team and possibly a trap game for us, and BGSU loss being a fluke. But now, not so much.
We need to re-examine what we are. Who have we beaten? BC just killed 2 win MD. Akron and Buffalo are in the cellar. Nova is 1-8 in FCS. The only respectable team weve beaten is Ball State, and theyre a grand total of 1 game over .500. Other than the attednace up-tick, the season has been a disaster. As far as results go, weve regressed the last 3 years....

PhillyFlyer said...

I know blaming the officials is easy but there's no excuse for Temple's d to play as poorly as it did to allow Ohio to march up and down the field rather easily...

This was an ugly loss...and the Owls have no excuse for their play in the last two games...offense, er QB play, let the team down against BG and now it is the defense not really showing up.

This team had the talent to win 10-11 games but they play lazy on one or both sides of the football far too often. Maybe Addazio should address that at some point...

Joetime said...

No two ways about it...the team has been screwed five ways from Friday by poor officiating. It was reminiscent of the 3-yard forward pass from Vick to Jackson in the Eagles game that the officials called a lateral. Obvious call, but the refs clearly weren't paying attention.

Anyone else find it odd that the official threw the flag in front of the end zone dive...and then the only thing that's called is the sideline interference? Hmmmm...

One huge thing, however, that frustrated me about Temple's play was their inability to shed blocks. Sure, they were held quite a few times, but it seems like if they could have gotten off their blocks quicker they would have had a chance to stop Ohio's speed guys.

Philly TU Grad said...

I'm guilty of being one of those people saying we ought to win the MAC first boefore thinking of moving up but you really hit a nerve with me with your current post. The officating was horrible last night and I thought it was just me but over the past 3 seasons I also had this nagging feeling that we never got a questionable call in our favor against a "traditional" MAC team.

Good Football said...

All said... It should not have been close! Temple LOST it! Stop them from scoring!! dont let them throw the ball all over the field! IT IS TEMPLE'S LOSS. Your nit picking!!! DONT LET him break for a 80 yrd run! Come on writing about taking points off the board for a real touchdown.. Lets see a D they had Casper covering guys last night.. And he's a friendly Ghost! Come on the Oline was pushed around by a MAC team.. Don't Blame the refs or the ball or the anything. BLAME the TEAM and coaches! Like the old coach said"Don't let it be close that a ref could take it from you" There were 12 plays Temple could/should have made to change the outcome. They did not! Good teams rise up and Temple is not one of those this year! D is soft and they play down to every team. Last night should not have been close!!! Temple has folded the tent!

templeufan said...

I agree with phillyflyer about how poorly the defense played. Even with the bad officiating temple managed to take the lead twice and couldn't hold. In addition the offensive line didn't play well as pierce had a difficult time on the ground last night.

nyc tu fan said...

Wow, this one hurt, big-time! I must agree the officiating was in this game, and has been in many MAC games Temple has played in, horrendous. It’s a comment I made in an earlier post after the Bowling Green loss, the officials are inconsistent and seem to second guess their own calls far too often. To me they seem like they are coming into college football officiating with the experience of a High School ref. The game seems to move too fast for them. That being said it’s just another reason that TU needs to get out of the MAC and into a quality conference, a REAL conference with REAL officials. But that’s water under the bridge now. I try to be a glass half full guy, and from this game I’m taking the fact that I feel comfortable that a change for the better has been made at QB, my fear is it may be too late. Amazing how the offensive play calling opened up so much more once a player with a little more versatility was running the system. The play calling we saw prior to last night to me is proof of the limitations of the personal that was on the field. My fear is BP has gotten so banged up that he’s lost his some of his effectiveness, his explosiveness. What made BP such a weapon in the first half of the season was not only his speed around the corner, but his strength to be able to shed the first tackler, cut the play back inside, and get 6 or 7 yards on a play that looked like it was going no place. I’m not sure what you all saw last night, but I saw a BP that was visibly a step slow, and at a loss for his explosive power. Matt Brown saw limited action in the back field last night, especially in the first half. Again, that tells me he’s banged up. The lack of a passing game, or at least the threat of one, has been obvious as to what it hasn’t done for the offense, I think we need to take a look at what it has done, its beat down 2 top running backs almost to the point of ineffectiveness. It was great seeing the ball being spread around the field last night. All of that being said, the sad part for me, the most frustrating part for me, was seeing the defense, not once, but twice in the 4th quarter have a chance to win the game, only to fall short. To me defense in football is like good pitching in baseball. It shows up most nights and will always give you a chance to win. While the offense has struggled to find itself all season, with just a couple of exceptions the defense has been the rock of the program. I love watching a good athletic defense play, and I’ve enjoyed watching this unit perform all season. Last night they had a chance, and opportunity to make a statement, I’m sad to say they missed the chance. The kids need to win out, and hope for the best. I will enjoy watching the development of Chris Coyer the remainder of the season, and hopefully by the end of the season we will have a few answers for next year.

ihatenoamchomsky2 said...

The more I think about it, the more I feel that, while the officating was terrible, and might have been the difference, it shouldnt of been that close.
We lost this game for ourselves.
Ill tell u one thing, this better be the last time Ohio EVER beats us again

Ant said...

frustrated- is my feeling. it was a great oppurtunity. Sure we can blame officials but either way the game was lost. What makes it even worse is that it was espn. I just can't stand the haters on Temple saying I told you so...

Temple Rugby said...

Well, Ohio had the "black-out," expect a "cherry-outta here" for Miami next week... and rightly so, can't blame the fans on this one.

Temple Rugby said...

Now that Brown & Pierce are banged up and Piecre may have a concussion, not getting a back like Brumfield, hurts even more. (It was such as no-brainer to sign him.) Is there not another running back on the sideline who can step in? Obviously not.

Da M Nels said...

Fear not. Temple will play in a bowl game close to home against an ACC team. The MAC Championship? How many fans would make reservations to Detroit in December? Folks in Ohio just pop start the Plymouth Neon, grab some Pabst, and "ROAD TRIP!" So realize it's mostly about money and the MAC is "Ohio's Club."

PS: Ohio is well coached.
Temple also rid themselves of the "Ninny Number 7", Praise the Lord!

Philly TU Grad said...

I really hope that isn't the case, while it will be a tougher way to go, good attendance will help with at least a shot at an alternate bowl invite if we win out and more importantly consider for a move to a better conference. Even though I'm really disappointed with the lose 10 years ago I would have been happy if you told me the Owls had a shot to win 5 / 6 games on a regular basis.

Ant said...

Getting some temple hate over at Hustle Belt.....

Montana1 said...

Ohio has a better team and coach

Temple Football Forever said...

I don't think the head coaches of Ball State and Buffalo would agree.
I will take their word over an anonymous poster any day of the week.