Thursday, November 10, 2011

Temple becomes bowl eligible

Any Eagle fan can tell you what the first words out of a famous Temple football father's mouth will be after a win.
Andy Reid will clear his throat, cough a couple of times, and say:
"First off, any win in the National Football League is a good win."

Deon Miller makes nice catch for touchdown.
That's pretty much how I feel about the Mid-American Conference these days.
Any win in the MAC is a good win and Temple's 24-21 bowl-eligible-qualifying win over gritty Miami (Ohio) was a good way to cap one of the most beautiful November days and nights, weather-wise, I can ever remember in my nearly half-century of living in Philadelphia.
The game was not as perfect, mind you, but pretty much what I expected.
Pretty much what all the Temple fans I talked to in the pre-game tailgate expected, too.
"Twelve-and-a-half points is way too high," I said to pretty much everyone.
"Yeah," pretty much everyone replied.
I thought the defense recaptured a little bit of the swagger it lost in the last couple of weeks (heck, it was hard to blame the defense for the Bowling Green loss) and the offense did just enough.
Game-plan wise, I would have liked to seen more first down play-action passes and not being forced into a situation where you HAVE to pass on third down all the time. I don't think Temple mixed it up particularly well on offense. Then again, compared to last year's offensive game plan, it was pure genius.
Dream remains alive
The ONLY scenario Temple can win the MAC East:
(Updated 11:35 a.m., 11/11/11)
Temple wins over Kent
Ohio loses to Miami (assuming it beats BGSU)
(TU, Miami and Ohio all tied
with 5-3 records but TU wins
on basis of second criteria)
Note: If Ohio loses to BGSU but not Miami, Ohio wins tie-breaker
source: MAC League Offices
There were a couple of silly penalties, one a late hit out of bounds and one an offsides, but those things can be fixed in the next week or so of practice.
I was heartened to hear that people behind me were getting text messages from folks watching at home that their enjoyment of watching the Temple game was curtailed because ESPN cut in for a Joe Paterno press conference.
There is no reason to be living within an hour's drive of the stadium for a Temple home game and watch on TV. If my friends from Palmerton sitting behind me can get by one night of the year on four hours worth of sleep, then so can the Philadelphia couch potatoes who give Temple a bad fan reputation by staying home. I hope they missed a lot of exciting plays because I saw them all. I know Temple has a "softcore" fan base who stay at home and watch every time the Owls are on local TV (ratings indicate it), but that part of the fan base does the team and school irreparable harm by doing so. You can't talk about being in a BCS conference and not travel to a home game.
End of rant.
From a personal standpoint, a highlight of mine was finally getting to meet my favorite player's Mom.
I have three favorite players from the current era, Adrian Robinson, Adam DiMichele and Bernard Pierce, but Pierce is The Franchise in my mind and therefore my favorite. Heck, speaking as someone who saw Paul Palmer play every game, he's flat-out better than Boo-Boo and that's the highest compliment I can ever give anyone. He's faster than Paul Palmer, has better moves and vision in the open field and can deliver more punishment to tacklers. The only facet of Paul's game that was better was his durability.
So Pierce is my favorite Temple player and he has been since his freshman year.
Tammy is Bernard Pierce's mom and while it was sad to see BP not playing (he should be back against Army), it was good to see the entire Pierce family just as wrapped up in the Owls as they would be if he was out there.
Hopefully, when The Franchise finally gets out there, Scot Loeffler will tweak the package for him just enough to get Pierce the ball in open space and not utilize him on "fullback-type"  draws so much. Pitchouts to the wide side of the field and screen passes ought to make Bernard Pierce lethal once again.
Still, you can't say enough about the relief effort of tough hombre Matty Brown. If it wasn't for Matty's 120 yards, there would be no three-point win over a good team.
Even Andy Reid would agree.
Time's yours.


Temple Rugby said...

I was gonna say give Matt Brown some props', which you finally did at the end of your piece. This was his game. Especially that last drive, he saved the game. He is my favorite, his heart is way bigger than his body.

Ant said...

Good win - Good win - Good win-- so what are some scenarios for TU here? Are we hoping for a Ohio loss tonight and here on out? anyway Owls get in???

Philly TU Grad said...

Needed win, defense was a little shaky at times but did enough to get the W. As for attendnace I was disappointed last night but most of the season ticket holders were their in my section. As for the Big East for all their bluster not one team in the top 30 for attendance and if you look at the past couple of years TU's avg. attendance is not far off from Houton and SMU, 2 of the new "powerhouses" that are supposed to be joining the conference.

ihatenoamchomsky2 said...

I wanted to complain about lack of respect ESPN showed us displacing our game for a press confrence where the same info was repeated over and over again and then not going back to the game when the confrence was over even though there was a perfectly good early season out of confrence basketball game on espn 2 and our game had post-season implications. Not only was it a slap in the face to the MAC who scheduels these games so they could get national spolight even though it kills there attendance numbers and to Temple, who should of beat their football team 2 years in a row and has beaten there basketball team something like 5 or 6 times in a row including in the tourney last year.

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY: We need a 40-50k seat stadium within half a mile of campus. THE ATTENDANCE WAS PITIFUL! This is the time for the program. We might not have this moment again. I am putting out a call for you, or any of your other readers to help start a movement to lobby for a stadium and raise money. We will never have the program we want untill this happens, and the TIME IS NOW! 17k on ESPN is embarassing and unaceptable and disrespectful to the team!

ihatenoamchomsky2 said...

I really am not sure what to do/ what should be done about a stadium near campus, but i know we need to do something....
(Look how much the MLS improved their attendance and standing by playing in smaller custom built stadiums).
If the red bulls can build a stadium in patterson, we can build one in north philly. (Maybe near that abandonded factory?)

Temple Football Forever said...

I hate to say it, but i won't be completely heartbroken if CMU loses tonight and Temple doesn't get to the MAC title game. What would be more important for Temple football, to play and beat a "name" national team, like UCLA or Miami (Fla.) or even Rutgers or Syracuse in a MAC backup bowl or win the MAC and be forced to honor a commitment in one of the three primary MAC bowls (Boise, Detroit, Mobile)?
Tough call.

ihatenoamchomsky2 said...

wait, mike. Im confused. As for our MAC title game aspiration, isnt all that really matters regarding ohio that they lose to miami ohio so we have a 3 way tie? (and how does the tie breakr work? why is it that we would win the tie-breaker?

Philly TU Grad said...

I agree and please anything but the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. My preference would be to play a Big East team just to shut those guys up. All you keep hearing is what teams from the west are joining, what other "great" teams they should add, how the service academies will give them some kind of protection from losing their AQ status...blah, blah. Last I checked the only thing definite were teams leaving.

ihatenoamchomsky2 said...

1) thanks for the shout out on the Bug prediction


I dont know why theyd want to use it, but at the 2:10 mark on the video that plays on the right u can see the OBVIOUS face mask (more than a face mask really. the ohio player hangs on him) on BP that resulted in him getting hurt that wasnt called.

And that was ony the fourth most egregious call to my eyes: 1) the catch that wasnt 2) flag for dive picked up 3) ohio hold where the player hung on the TU players leg in the open field

Ant said...

IHATECH.... I have been saying this for yrs.I am glad you feel the same way- never thought of the MLS but that is very good point- I was always of the look at the MAC staiums and the sizes TU could def. do that - UCOnn in Hartford about 40k.. It goes on but you get the point...So how do we start this movement... Do we need a TEMPLE FOOTBALL FOREVER prsident and fan meeting to strike this match

ihatenoamchomsky2 said...

Thrilled so hear some interest. I dont know how we start it, but Im 110% committed to this. I'm hoping i could get some advice on here and find some people interested in collaborating on this, especially since Im not living in PA anymore and have NO IDEA how "boostering" and the booster community works and operates and, most importantly, how to get the school involved.
In no particular order, these are the steps that I think need to be taken (this is by no mean, all encompassing, im sure there stuff thats missing or could be taken out)
1) Find a number of hardcore Temple fans willing to invest their time on and through their support behind this project to form the core of initial membership/ leadership of this effort.
2) Do some research and find out about other efforts to get a university to build or expand a stadium or arena that were successfull and find out what they did and how they did it and see if we can make contact/ get some assistance from them.
3) Come up with an initial set of semi-specific criteria and ideas about what shape the stadium should take (30k? 40k? 50k?) and where it should be located. (Specific locations would be great, but areas or distance from school shud work). Size might determine location and/or location might determine size.
4) Figure out roughly how much it would cost to construct our pospective stadium based on similar sized stadiums.
5) find someone who knows how to figure out property values/ access relevant public records or knows enough about the area so we can determine a rough
6) Find out the sum of 4 and 5 and find out how much would have to be privately raised for the school to start construction/ what percentage of costs the school would be willing to pay.
7) Draft a press release/ manifesto/ communique explaining the who/what/when/where of the stadium and why we think it needs to be built roughly according to our criteria and why it being built close to campus is so important.
8) create a website and facebook page.
9) get FB members and circulate a petition.
10) see if we can get the school, Athletics dept, football program, and boosters and student and community, to join in, support, or help us.
11a) Build membership, support, signature and publicity
11b) start raising money.
The last thing i really dont know about and find kinda daunting but know is really is the Linc. Specifically, if it would be possible to sign a contract to play a few games a year there for big games like Penn St, Notre Dame, Rutgers, ect...

If anyone else is interested or has any imput, as long as its okay with mike, please post here so everyone can see and talk, or if mike doesnt want this clogging up his comments, please message me at

nyc tu fan said...

Guys, your all correct, a smaller stadium (40,000 maximum) would definitely give the feel of a packed house for every game, give it a real college football Saturday feel, make the tickets more desirable (human nature, everyone wants what they can’t get). For the “event” type games like Notre Dame, Penn State, ect have the Linc as an option. My feeling is the major stumbling block, once you get past location, is the funding (ok, call me Captain Obvious). TU being a state funded university it would be difficult to justify that type of expenditure when they currently have an agreement with Lincoln Financial Field and that money can be better spent elsewhere on campus. To me there are 2 realistic options. The first is a field funded 100% by the TU alumni and friends of the University. An “Owls Nest” committee is formed as a nonprofit organization with the sole purpose of raising funds, securing the land, and then building the facility. Once the project is complete the committee then donates or sells the facility to Temple University for $1.00. Similar to what T. Boon Pickens did with his donation to the Oklahoma State football program. The second option, which has a much deeper pit of red tape, is to create some type of private / public partnership with the city of Philadelphia, county, or state of PA. The TU alumni comes up with half the money, the city, county or state comes up with the other half. The stadium is built as the home for Temple Football, and managed by the city or state. TU has a new home field, and the city / county / state now has a facility to showcase things like High School State Championship football, soccer games, and concerts. The naming rights can be sold to help offset the cost to the city / state / county and everyone benefits. The reality of it is option 1 could be a very clean streamlined process with the proper people driving the fund raising and managing the construction. Option 2 is the kind of thing that can take 25 years from concept to completion with numerous cost overruns. It’s now more an idea of WHO will be the one to spearhead this project, more than the how.

Ant said...

I'm on it--doing soome research be expecting some emails... So far I'm counting about 46 FBS teams with seating under 45k and there ar some notable ones....
Boston College
Wake Forest
Fresno ST
You get the picture

Michael said...

Make sure you talk to Keith Pompey so he can write up an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer's Temple Football section. That should garner the initial interest of the community.

Michael said...
Read bullet-point 3 (3. A new stadium, 25,000 attendance, and "competitiveness" issues) If someone could talk to the former AD that designed the plan 13 years ago, maybe you could build off of his initial plan- I know it will be very outdated, but it will at least provide an initial framework.

Ant said...

small snowball right now. hopefully more interest from fans to spread the word ...

HotchkissHockey9 said...

Check out FAU Stadium for an example as to what Temple should shoot for -- 62 mil funded privately, 30,000 seating etc...