Sunday, December 02, 2012

The bright side: Coach Daz not leaving

Boston College AD tries to sell Daz to President
by: papreps
Boston College AD tries to sell Daz to school president.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think Daz would concoct a harebrained, one-dimensional, offensive scheme that would lead to so many three-and-outs and put Temple's defense in an impossible position. The question then becomes, "Do you see him as a reasonable person open to change or a stubborn former offensive lineman who wants to run the ball all the time?"

EDITOR'S NOTE: I wrote this story on Sunday, not believing any university was stupid enough to hire a 4-7 coach. I will leave it here as a testament to the stupidity of some college administrators. Hopefully, Bill Bradshaw is on the phone with San Jose State's Mike MacIntyre right now. More on that to come. MacIntrye is available, loves Temple, a former Temple assistant, and probably did the best job of any head coach in FBS football last year. Good riddance, Daz.  Don't let the door hit you in the ass.

On the way up the steps, maybe for the final time ever, from season seats that I have held for nearly 10 years at Lincoln Financial Field, someone said:
"Don't look so down, Mike. Look at the bright side."
He didn't tell me what the bright side of a 4-7 season was, so I had to figure that out for myself.
I walked 22 rows up, made the left into the men's room, washed my hands before leaving, made a left, walked down 34 steps and across Lot K to my car, all the while thinking what could possibly be the bright side to a season I thought would be no worse than 6-5.
Then it hit me just as I was about to stick the key in the door of my car (the remote doesn't work).
This will be the first year as a Temple fan in the last five we won't have to hear the endless speculation about an Owl coach leaving for a possible higher-paying job.
"That has to be the bright side he was talking about," I thought.
Since that kind of off-season speculation has bugged me to no end, I guess not having to worry about that is a bright side.
I'm not so sure it's bright at all. Let's face it. Al Golden recruited five straight No. 1 MAC classes, as ranked by both and YET, with the same inherited talent, Daz under-performed half the current MAC coaches. That leads to only two possible conclusions: Daz's 1901 offense doesn't fly in 2012 or both and talent analysis was way off.
My eyeball and smell test leads me to think the former, not the latter.

Yes, Addazio's name will come up in some stories by writers who like to throw names against the wall and hope it sticks. Let's face it, though. Coach is going nowhere. Nor should he.
The latest "rumor" has him going to Boston College. I've addressed that in a feature film short at the top of this post. I'm not sure if I should submit the script to Hollywood as Science Fiction, Comedy or Tragic Comedy.
Steve Addazio was a good coach in 2011. I don't think he was a good coach in 2012, largely because  my projections for 2012 were 6-6 (8-3 if everything broke right). Never in my wildest dreams did I think Daz would concoct a harebrained, one-dimensional, offensive scheme that would lead to so many three-and-outs and put Temple's defense in an impossible position. The question then becomes, "Do you see him as a reasonable person open to change or a stubborn former offensive lineman who wants to run the ball all the time?"

The answer to that question holds the key to open the door of a possible 9-3 season next year or keep it bolted shut.

Then I got something in the email box this morning that brightened my day from loyal TFF reader Steve Sipe (due to a coding problem, you can't read that he has the Owls beating Fordham 54-0 and Idaho 45-0 and losing to ND, 34-21). It follows:
Mike, I always love reading your blog. I tried to set up my own dedicated to the Big East and expansion. I did not realize how tough it is to develop a web site. Compliments to you on TFF. One of your articles focused those areas the Owls need to improve to be successful in 2013. I have been trained to use analysis to compare and evaluate data points to estimate future results. 
If your suggestions are followed, I believe the following results will be achieved:   

         OUT OF CONFERENCE (KNOWN)          
08/31      at Notre Dame             L      34 - 21
09/14      Fordham                       W     54 - 0
09/28       at  Idaho 45 - 0
10/19       Army                             W     34 - 13

Boise State                    L       17 - 14

Houston                         W       34 - 17
Memphis                        W       42 - 10
San Diego State           W       21 - 17
SMU                                W       28 - 13

Connecticut                    W      24 - 17
Rutgers                            L       17 -16
USF                                  W      35 - 10

I would count a 9 - 3 season and a bowl bid Phenomenal! Most of the western schools do not emphasize defense in the MWC. With varied play calling, the Owls could exploit this weakness. 
On the other side, our defense needed 2 fixes: a better pass rush, and mature secondaries knowing which man to cover. Since a lot of this work was finished by the end of the 2012 season, defense looks strong. 

Quarterback is an issue. I will try to reach out to PJ Walker and welcome him to Temple. I do not believe PJ should be out of the picture. Let Juice Grainger lead our team with PJ as his backup. Convert Neiss into a reverse back that can pass if he can not make to corner to drive downtown. With mature wide receivers, Chris could have been a success. However, losing both wide receivers and tight ends last year made Chris look weak when the Owls went from MAC to Big East. Nevertheless Chris is our 2nd best rusher. Why not give the Owls a Penn State type Zwinack running back. Chris can blow holes and hide fakes as a running back. When you are 3RD and 4, do you want Juice running a draw or handing off to Chris to trample a linebacker. The thought of Chris lowering his 240, 6'3" body into our opponents smells like a 1ST down every time. 

Steve Sipe

I hope you are right, Steve. If so, I will hop and skip out of the stadium after the last game next year and the bright side this year will be a bright spot next one.


Kent Duke said...

the irony can not be overstated, a MAC team goes to the Big East BCS Bowl game and wins!

mtrinsey said...

Sort of a funny article now that he is in fact gone. Good Riddance!

mtrinsey said...

well he is now gone. Good Riddance!

mtrinsey said...

Well you thought we had nothing to worry about. Good Riddance!

mtrinsey said...

He's gone. Good Riddance

AustinPHL said...

Daz always talked about "long term commitment" to the press.

In the end, money talked and the fraud walked.

Michael said...


Positive: We should be getting a better game day coach
Negative: He may take PJ Walker and Buddy Brown with him

Temple Football Forever said...

If P.J. Walker wants to spend four years handing the ball off, then he will go. All P.J. has to do is see we are bringing in a pass-happy guy who will punch his ticket into the league (Mike McIntrye).

Buddy Brown is about as Philly as they come. His comments were all about loving Philly and Temple, not Addazio. He will be here.

MassOwl82 said...

Mike, your piece was excellent. I have been a.vocal critic of Addazio since the day Bradshaw announced him. Used car salesman with a thick rolodex. Nothing more. If Bradshaw screws up the next hire, on the heels of jumping into bed with the dying Big East, he should be out too.

Philly TU Grad said...

I really think this is THE most important hire for Bradshaw. To me the program is at a tipping point and another losing season could be devastating. My preference would be to look for another Al Golden type, young, aggressive coordinator. If he leaves after 5 years after winning multiple bowl game at Temple, fine. I'm not in the mod for another Daz type or Tome Bradley.

tu2acc said...

Well, that was quick. I saw your video about 3 minutes before I saw Daz was out. That's college football, coaches come and go, but we (and the players) stay loyal to our school. That's something these coaches will never have. I like your McIntyre idea, hopefully BB has a ready list and is working on a new coach now.

MassOwl82 said...

Now we know why Addazio was so positive during the losing streak. With Spaz clearly out at BC, he knew he was in with his BFF Bates calling the shots. That bullcrap "super phenomenal" was just a contract negotiation. Anybody who "bought in" to Addazio is as naive as Bradshaw comparing the Big East to the SEC.

Temple Rugby said...

MassOwl82 got it right- a used car salesman , at best. Now BC fans will hear his B.S., until he jumps their ship to get back to U-Conn!