Thursday, April 25, 2013

NFL draft day for Temple is Saturday this year

Liz Sim with the report from pro day. Great quote from Matt Brown.

The first round of the NFL draft is today.
The second and third are tomorrow.
For Temple, though, the draft starts at noon on Saturday.
I don't expect any of the Owls to go in the fourth and fifth rounds, but I do expect kicker Brandon McManus to go in the sixth to the Green Bay Packers.
I told him that Saturday.
I hope it comes true.
Montel Harris should be drafted as well.
Based on his 351-yard, seven-touchdown, game against Army, I do expect him to get drafted.
We'll call it the seventh round.
The scouts always say that film and game production is more important than pro days or combines so we'll see if they are telling the truth.
Harris' film was outstanding.
So was Matt Brown's.
Brown said something in the above video from Temple's pro day that I agree with:
"I'm the hardest-working player in the country," Brown said.
That said, I don't think Matt will be drafted on Saturday but he will catch on with someone as an undrafted free agent (UDA).
Once he gets in a camp, I think he will do there what he did for Temple the last four years and that will be enough to get on an NFL roster as a kick returner.


Kent Duke said...

when was the last year we did not have a player drafted in the first four rounds

Temple Football Forever said...

Golden's third year. By the fourth, he was rolling and in a bowl game.

Kent Duke said...

the 2012 Temple team has six players on current NFL rosters. is that a team record?

Temple Football Forever said...

yes, and three on one roster (Maneri, Dennis and Rodriguez on the Bears).

I remember as a kid growing up as an Owl fan that the only Owls I remember in the NFL then were linebacker Wayne Coleman (Eagles) and kick returner Chris Fletcher (San Diego).

Then we had guys like Bitterlich (Seattle), Nick Mick-Mayer, Hyno (Cleveland), Joe Klecko (Jets), etc., etc.
Then a looooonnnng long draught until Henry Burris and Leslie Shepard.