Sunday, April 28, 2013

The curious case of Montel Harris

Somebody (Fran Duffy?) please send these Matt Brown highlights to Chip Kelly. (No truth to the rumor that Steve Addazio wrote these rap lyrics.)

Four Temple Owls signed NFL free agent contracts yesterday.
I thought two (Brandon McManus and Montel Harris) would be drafted.
I'm still surprised that Matty Brown is out there. I hope the Eagles pick him up as a kickoff returner.
(Heck, they had freaking Colt Anderson return a couple of kickoffs last year.)
Late Sunday night news: Matt Brown accepted an invite to work out with the Tampa Bay Bucs.
Still, the case of Montel Harris is the most curious to me.
He came back for his senior year, performed well on the field, put some great film numbers up and also did relatively well at the pro days and combines.
I think, given a chance, he has a chance to be a great pro.
At least I'm not alone in this thought.
Martin Freedman also felt the same way in this excellent treatise posted on Thursday.
It's worth a read. (I read it online yesterday and now only the first graph appears. If you have $1, it's worth a read.)
Basically, he says that in all of the "metrics"  Harris rates higher than Montee Ball and seven other "drafted" running backs and that for the value a NFL team cannot get a better back than Harris.
McManus is going to the Colts, where all he has to do is win either the punter or kicker jobs (not both).
John Youboty is going to Denver.
Harris is going to Tampa Bay (where I often wish I'm going) and Martin Wallace is going to Cleveland (where I hope I never have to go).
Good luck to all the Owls.


Kent Duke said...

Draft results...., Rutgers had seven players drafted they must replace a ton of talent - we should beat them, UCONN lost a lot talent, we should beat them..., surprisingly, ND, Cincy, Louisville, and SMU did not have many players drafted which means they have a wealth of talent coming back...., key to our season is the Houston game, we'll go to a bowl game if we beat Houston..., Louisville has Top 5 talent.., they crushed LSU last year and LSU sent 8 players to the pros..., Cincy has a pro-QB and will be well coached, SMU will average close to 30 ppg.., if Rhule is all that then we'll beat UCONN, Rutgers, Memphis, Army, Fordam..., Houston and UCF will be season defining games

Temple Football Forever said...

RU lost not only those seven but 19 players who started at least 1 game.
They are going to be gutted.
It's not going to be easy but Temple CAN win up there.
The Temple I grew up with won up there most of the time.
Even Bobby Wallace beat them four straight times.
They have gotten better, but so have we.